Tokyo Girls Collection 0308

August 12, 2008


HI guys this is what I wanted to put on here, I’m sure you have seen the pictures before, we will more than likely get a photo slot at the next one too. Are we seeing them again soon Greg ?




(15 March 2008

The Tokyo Girls collection is truly an event to witness, the best of Japans young essentially high street brands, eschewing the use of skinny European models in favor of girls who look like their customers, with a little extra cuteness thrown in.

This is a retailers and marketers dream a day long orgy of shows and stalls, and celebrity endorsements,  catering to 15,000 – 20,000 girls of influential age, with money to spend in a culture where looking and dressing like your friends means selling one dress probably actually means you will sell three.

And watch out for these ‘ordinary girl models’ regulars in magazines such as ViVi, CanCam, Ray and Glamourous, becoming minor celebs themselves holding sway as trend leaders in a huge market. )


The next event is 6th Sept 08