Future of QR Codes is BRIGHT – thanks to SET

April 29, 2010

Tokyo based creative agency SET specializes in unique marketing solutions that combine design and technology.

For the cover of their May issue , Dutch design magazine BRIGHT commissioned SET to produce a special designer QR code.

The code was given a camouflage aesthetic to match the feel of the message that the QR leads to, specifically the magazine’s website with a specially created URL which reads “Make code not war”.

The BRIGHT code is the first designer code to be seen in Holland and it is also the first time that a designer code has graced the cover of a magazine.

Adrian Grey, a spokesman for SET said:
“We are very excited to see our designer codes on a front cover, especially since the magazine is one as respected as BRIGHT. We hope that this highlights the power that our branded codes have over traditional black & white ones. Our design team continues to push the boundaries of what is possible and the BRIGHT code represents the first in a new direction.”

For more information contact:
Greg McMaster, Creative Planner, SET
tel :: 81-80-5096-1066
mail :: greg@setjapan.com

web: http://www.setjapan.com


SET Promotes QRchitecture With FRISK

February 8, 2010

SET’s design team was given a years supply of FRISK mints (well….500) and this is what they came up with. After revolutionizing the way in which QR codes are used with the “designer” code, SET is now promoting the use of “built” codes made from real objects. These codes offer brands a unique opportunity to incorporate them into outdoor stunts and events, allowing the consumer to truly interact with the code in fun and exciting ways.

Check out the link to our youtube channel where you can see a video showing the creation of the FRISK code.

Motor Up

October 25, 2008

Big thanks and well done to all everybody working on this production, the whole 2 days went very smoothly

Kyle and the ‘talent’ were great fun to work with and did their job very professionally. Looking forward to seeing the final work put together. Check out some of the on set photo’s here.


August 27, 2008

To get the word out about their new ‘supersize’ bras Wonderbra used a simple but great concept. Real billboards are probably causing accidents all over London but from the safety of your home/office here is a wonderful way to kill a couple of hours. Check out the link to zoom in on the participants.