Louis Vuitton choose SET Japan for latest QR marketing push

SET was asked by Louis Vuitton to provide them with a creative QR code in line with a new animation created for them by renowned artist, Takeshi Murakami. The one above was chosen from a final shortlist of options and will be on visual display from next month.

SET Creates Unique Mobile Bar Code for Louis

Vuitton / Murakami Tie-up


Tokyo based creative agency SET specializes in unique marketing solutions that combine design and technology.

SET has announced a new collaboration with fashion house Louis Vuitton designing a QR (Quick Response) code.

The QR code is an extension of the continuing partnership between Louis Vuitton and famed Japanese animator Takashi Murakami who in 2008 made Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential People” list, the only visual artist included.

The QR code will:

• generate traffic to the Louis Vuitton mobile website

• create buzz about the collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Murakami

• demonstrate the possibilities of designer QR codes

• raise awareness of the potential role of QR codes in marketing

Adrian Grey, President of SET, said:

“Intertwining design with technological innovation allows us to satisfy client objectives and delight consumers. We believe this code will help create a shift from the standard black and white codes that blight the landscape. Creativity, design and technology, tend to move in different directions but at SET we feel linking them together will bring about a new era of innovation, giving designers the chance to lend their creative skills to technology projects. We are very excited to be at the forefront of such cutting-edge technology”.

The QR code was launched April 10th. For further information, contact:

Greg McMaster, Creative Planner, SET on 81-80-5096 1066 greg@setjapan.com, hello@setjapan.comSET K.K. World Udagawa Building 6F Udagawa-cho 36-6 Shibuya-ku

Tokyo-to, Japan 150-0042 http://www.setjapan.com

Date: 2009年4月14日

5 Responses to Louis Vuitton choose SET Japan for latest QR marketing push

  1. Dave says:

    They’re cute… but could you get any of them to work? not a single one could be picked up by my readers.

    • marko645 says:

      Thats a shame to hear Dave, you are outside Japan right ?
      We get them working for handsets here in Japan where most of our client requests are coming from,
      we are in the process of trying to get our hands on overseas formatted phones so we can work on wider testing,
      that would certainly be the next step in getting these accepted as useful tools outside Japan.

  2. fashionphile says:

    Nice work. Thanks, and I updated the image on my blog.


  3. georgia says:

    Awesome – congratulations… there is only onwards and upwards from here…


  4. Matt Coyne says:

    Hi Greg

    I was wondering if you’d share with us how this was created?

    I’m new to QR codes and while this looks like it’s ‘just’ a stylised version of the black and white codes, I’m sure there must be more to it than that.


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