SET SmugMug

September 15, 2008

Keep this in mind if you are wanting to show sets of pictures to somebody, you can upload high resolution, and the site stretches with the browser so if you make it as wide as your screen the pictures look great on there. Quality wise much better than flickr.

I uploaded two new galleries, if you wanna show the Club book then it is all on here plus the Quiksilver work with Tiger.


I could sit here all day and do this !

September 9, 2008

So simple !!

A minor work of genius, supported by Naked as well apparently .

Boomchikawawa goes off !!

September 2, 2008

Dave Twomey and co’s 2008 version of Boomchikawawa at Enoshima, was heading for a washout, but Sunday’s weather turned for the better not a drop of rain all day at the beach, meant the party went off.

Multimedia technology: Nokia buyers to get free music downloads

September 2, 2008

Interesting move

· Britain is the first market to get the new gizmo

· All five mobile networks shun the service