Stock Day Samples

August 27, 2008


Well done to everyone the other day with getting the stock done, yep’ that camera is amazing and gives us a totally un-compromised range for shooting, lets see how these fair, and ponder an investment in the goods themselves ! Nice first mock up attempts from Carl too, I know you were only playing though !
I’ll get the full res out to everybody this week.






August 27, 2008

To get the word out about their new ‘supersize’ bras Wonderbra used a simple but great concept. Real billboards are probably causing accidents all over London but from the safety of your home/office here is a wonderful way to kill a couple of hours. Check out the link to zoom in on the participants.

Azabu Juban Festival 0808

August 26, 2008

Did you see SET at the Azabu Juban Festival ? No ? too drunk then !!

SET joined business partners in well lets face it was a celebration of beer !

The Azabu Juban Matsuri, is the biggest festival in Tokyo during the Obon Holiday’s.


Mixi still No.1 Japan SNS

August 22, 2008

New study out from Comcast shows the figures for the most popular Japanese social networking sites. Facebook has had good growth but Mixi still reigns supreme with over 12 million visitors to the site in June this year. 0808

August 22, 2008

This is quite a cool  site from two Dutch Art photographers, they have been shooting dress and styles of particular groups and demographics in society, it is amazing how similar people do dress to one another. 


Rotterdam-based photographer Ari Versluis and stylist Ellie Uyttenbroek have worked together since October 1994. Inspired by a shared interest in the striking dress codes of various social groups, they have systematically documented numerous identities over the last 13 years. Rotterdam’s heterogeneous, multicultural street scene remains a major source of inspiration for Ari Versluis and Ellie Uyttenbroek, although since 1998 they have also worked in cities abroad.

They call their series Exactitudes: a contraction of exact and attitude. By registering their subjects in an identical framework, with similar poses and a strictly observed dress code, Versluis and Uyttenbroek provide an almost scientific, anthropological record of people’s attempts to distinguish themselves from others by assuming a group identity. The apparent contradiction between individuality and uniformity is, however, taken to such extremes in their arresting objective-looking photographic viewpoint and stylistic analysis that the artistic aspect clearly dominates the purely documentary element.

Cup Nose 0808

August 22, 2008

Just seen these from a friend of mine in London, just thinking they would make cheeky little marketing tools for a few beverage companies we know.

Old Man River PV _ Tokyo 0808

August 22, 2008

Hi guys well done the other night with getting all this together at such short notice, here are some stills from the set, looking forward to seeing the whole thing.