Folli Follie Displays Worldʼs First Designer Window Code

May 2, 2010

Tokyo based creative agency SET specializes in unique marketing solutions that combine design and technology.

As part of their Golden Summer campaign, Folli Follie Japan commissioned SET to produce a designer QR code to be displayed at their flagship store in the trendy Tokyo suburb of Aoyama. This marks the first time a designer QR code has been placed in a store window, meaning the store can essentially stay open round the clock, long after the staff has gone home for the evening thus giving “window shopping” whole new meaning.

The code was designed to match the look and feel of Folli Follie Reflections Collection of jewelry and will be used to draw traffic to the Folli Follie Japan mobile phone campaign site. At the site visitors can see images from the Folli Follie range and enter a special contest to win prizes .

The QR code is part of a wider summer promotion for which a special “gold” phone has been created. The phone is a replica of the Folli Follie branded handset which will be given away along with a variety of other prizes, including a trip to Greece, the birthplace of Folli Follie. The Golden Summer campaign runs from April 30 to May 30.

Junko Hara, a spokesman for SET said: “We are very excited to see such a respected brand as Folli Follie embracing mobile marketing. The code we have designed is cute and fun, just like Folli Follie and we hope that customers enjoy this opportunity to take window shopping to an entirely new level.”

For more information contact:
Greg McMaster, Creative Planner, SET
tel :: 81-80-5096-1066
mail :
web :


Future of QR Codes is BRIGHT – thanks to SET

April 29, 2010

Tokyo based creative agency SET specializes in unique marketing solutions that combine design and technology.

For the cover of their May issue , Dutch design magazine BRIGHT commissioned SET to produce a special designer QR code.

The code was given a camouflage aesthetic to match the feel of the message that the QR leads to, specifically the magazine’s website with a specially created URL which reads “Make code not war”.

The BRIGHT code is the first designer code to be seen in Holland and it is also the first time that a designer code has graced the cover of a magazine.

Adrian Grey, a spokesman for SET said:
“We are very excited to see our designer codes on a front cover, especially since the magazine is one as respected as BRIGHT. We hope that this highlights the power that our branded codes have over traditional black & white ones. Our design team continues to push the boundaries of what is possible and the BRIGHT code represents the first in a new direction.”

For more information contact:
Greg McMaster, Creative Planner, SET
tel :: 81-80-5096-1066
mail ::


SET Promotes QRchitecture With FRISK

February 8, 2010

SET’s design team was given a years supply of FRISK mints (well….500) and this is what they came up with. After revolutionizing the way in which QR codes are used with the “designer” code, SET is now promoting the use of “built” codes made from real objects. These codes offer brands a unique opportunity to incorporate them into outdoor stunts and events, allowing the consumer to truly interact with the code in fun and exciting ways.

Check out the link to our youtube channel where you can see a video showing the creation of the FRISK code.

Watch out! SET is Contagious

December 16, 2009

SET woke up this morning to hear that our campaign work with Louis Vuitton had been selected as one of prestigious UK magazine Contagious’ “most contagious things that happened in 2009”. We feel very privileged to have been recognized for our pioneering work in designer codes and we’re all smiling. Click the picture to go to what is a very interesting read. We are featured on page 37.

Advertising Production – Reebok Pump x Asbos

December 1, 2009

SET’s advertising photo production made good work of  a REEBOK PUMP tie up with Harajuku shoe store Asbos.

The 2 meter high image was on display outside the cool Harajuku store for 10 days.

Agency UltraSuperNew


November 25, 2009

SET’s creative team, give Wired the SET QR experience !

SET Japan is the company behind the much-loved Louis Vuitton/Murakami code, and their work has transformed QR codes from boring black-and-white blocks to things of beauty. “Our design team saw the black-and-white codes as an insult to the brands that were experimenting with them,” McMaster says. “So they set about redesigning them.”

They were also unimpressed by Wired’s attempt to generate a QR code, and so decided to design us a better one, sending over three options: one with a rat in a maze, one that took our Pacman idea and improved on it, and one with red balls dropping out of the code. “The designers looked at Wired’s aesthetic and came up with these,” says McMaster. “We wanted to give you a couple of things that matched the cutting-edge nature of Wired, something that people hadn’t seen before.”’s-personalised-qr-code.aspx?p=2

SET Partners Up With Insqribe

October 10, 2009

insqribe+setVery pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Insqribe, the Australian mobile marketing firm specializing in real-time proximity marketing.

Aligning Insqribe’s technical skills with the creative flair of the SET designers has made what we think is a pretty unbeatable team. We’re looking forward to collaborating on projects in the very near future and collectively helping to shape the QR landscape down under.

Download the press release here.